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Learn About Jesus Through..

Literacy: At QTBA we believe that readers are leaders. Every child deserves the opportunity to fall in love with storytelling & become empowered by the knowledge offered by the exploration of non-fiction books and other literature. 


Arts & Crafts: We promote creativity through arts and crafts, allowing our participants a positive outlet for personal expression 


Movement and Play: Our kids enjoy physical activities like yoga stretches, dancing, and racing. We teach our participants that taking care of your body can be fun, and social. 

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Kingdom Building Through...

 Entrepreneurship: At QTBA we give our teens the tools to gain financial independence through entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and money management. 


College Readiness: QTBA builds confidence in participants as they prepare to transition into college. We expose our girls to college campuses, and resources to support their application process, and strengthen their overall life skills as they enter into adulthood. 


Community Service: At QTBA we build leadership in our girls by creating a sense of responsibility to our communities and community members through service. We support participants with using their service to fulfill hours for school, and college applications. 



Applying God’s Word Through...

Leadership: At QTBA we teach our girls how to find the confidence in themselves to become great leaders in their communities, schools, homes, and social circles. 


Sisterhood: Unity is power. We teach our girls the value of sisterhood & provide activities designed to promote empathy & group bonding. 


Visual & Performing Arts: Personal expression is highly valued at QTBA. We celebrate dance, music, poetry, writing, and painting. We believe that these are not only tools to further connect with God, but life long healthy mental health practices. 

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